Close your eyes for just a moment, and imagine if these walls could talk. The oldest building in Rothsville, this business was originally started by Philip Roth in 1790 and was known as Roth's Tavern. The location served as a crucial and convenient stopping point for weary travelers by both stagecoach or on horseback. Several rooms located upstairs provided warm and comfortable overnight accommodations. Horses could drink from the troughs that were once located in front and in back of the building, fed by old-fashioned cast iron water pumps.

By 1850 the property contained 71 acres, and boasted a blacksmith and butcher shop, an orchard, stables, and even had a very popular horseracing track located behind it. In 1909 owners Barton and Emma Keiffer changed the name to the Swan Hotel; and in 1940, owner Fannie Miller decided to change the name again to what we know today - The White Swan. Throughout many years this tavern was certainly an important asset to the community, for it was a place for the townspeople to pay their taxes, catch up on local gossip, or to enjoy delicious meals or a refreshing beverage.

After countless months of hard work, meticulous planning and resoration; coupled with overwhelming enthuiasm and excitement from the community, this tavern is once again open for business. Many caring people spanning hundreds of years have certainly helped make Rothsville's crowned jewel what it is today. It is with great honor and humble pride that the owner's welcome you to the White Swan.

Researched and written by Cory Van Brookhoven